The flavour of cake

Every cake tells a story.

We choose our flavours for the same reason we make our cakes, to tell stories, bring back memories about the person the cake is for. We want the flavours to reflect that person and the occasion. Flavour inspiration can come from anything, a brides bouquet, the season, the flavour sensation from when you were a child. We are here to bring those back.

The choice is yours

Bring the base

Choose one of our standard bases, chocolate, vanilla or red velvet, mix them up or create your own bespoke flavour. It’s all good.

Wrap it and fill it

The world is your oyster when is comes to fillings. Not so much when it comes to coverings. Buttercream is our go to covering for a lot of the cakes and can be flavoured and coloured, fillings however, let’s try something new.

The cherry on the top

This is where it all gets fun. Go wild, we have no limits. Macarons, chocolate sails, painted chocolates, fruit, flowers, you ask for it, i’ll find a way of putting in on there.