Quality ingredients

The best is not quite good enough

Ingredients are super important to me, they always have been. Even when I couldn’t afford the best quality, the eco and the organic, the ingredients were the best I could manage at the time and I learnt to value them for what they were.
These days I have the luxury of buying the good stuff and when you are putting this much time and effort into a cake its important that the ingredients that go into it are worth the energy.
It’s all about respect, the same as when you purchase any food item, it all deserves to be handled with care and be given the attention it deserves. I hate waste and so everything that goes onto and into my cakes is considered carefully.

The staples


Eggs, milk, butter it goes without saying, it’s all organic.


All the flour I use comes from Saltå Kvarn. I believe in their cause, they make great flour and I have used it in all my bread making for a few years now.


I use Callebaut chocolate. There is a trendier, more expected chocolate out there but I have tasted both and Callebaut stands up to it’s more expensive competitor.
Of course, if you want the trendy one just let me know.