Some cakes for Helena

Every cake tells a story

So these were not technically for Helena, but for her Parents. She wanted a 40 year wedding anniversary cake for her parents. This cake also had to travel quite a long way, so we had a chat and decided to go with cupcakes instead.
But me being me they weren’t going to be any old cupcakes, even the smallest of the cake family can tell big stories. I decided to create a trio of cupcakes, each one dedicated to a part of Helena’s parents very successful marriage.
Her father is a retired blacksmith, so we decided to go with something quite dark, industrial looking and with sparkles of flames. He also apparently had a super sweet tooth and a sucker for anything bun, biscuit and chocolate like, so we went for a dark chocolate cupcake, with a dulce de leche lava centre, chocolate and dulce buttercream, and decorated with Oreos and chocolate fingers. And finished off with a few splatters of copper flare.
Her mother, a lover of the garden, an old school teacher and a fondness for fresh berries. I know that teachers require plenty of energy and so we went for a zingy lemon cupcake, filled with a lemon curd, topped with a lemon and white chocolate buttercream, lemon curd and fresh blueberries.
The third cake I wanted to bring the happy couple together. 40 years is the ruby wedding anniversary so we went with a bright red velvet cupcake, a lemon buttercream, sparkles of gold leaf and dried raspberries, and to finish it off, some white chocolate shards, together with the orange in the buttercream, reflecting the Marguerite Dasies they had for their wedding flowers.
Cakes for helena trio
CupCakes for helena chocolate
CupCakes for helena top view
CupCakes for helena top view
CupCakes for helena detail
CupCakes for helena top view

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