A cake for Christina

Wintery but not Christmassy

Christina came to me through a friend. She wanted a wedding cake that was a little bit different, a little bit showy and a little bit wintery.
The trouble with Autumn flavours is that they can creep a little towards the typical flavours of Christmas, cinnamon, ginger etc etc. We decided upon an apple, lingon and ginger cake.
This cake was for around 60 people, it was two tiers of a dense apple and ginger sponge, layered with a caramel swiss buttercream. We decorated it with lingon macarons, dehydrated apples, meringue and a white chocolate drip.
A few rose hips, eucalyptus and oak leaves, which also appeared in the brides bouquet topped it off. We also made a smaller milk protein free version of the cake for one special guest.
Apple ginger and lingon cake
Apple ginger and lingon cake milk protein free

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