Climate Takeback

Its getting hot in here

Interface, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of textile floorings asked me to take on my biggest challenge to date. 4 cakes in 4 days, and 4 different themes. The first of which, Climate Takeback. Bring it on.
Playing on the idea of raising temperatures I went with a chocolate, almond, orange and chilli based cake. Filled with alternating layers of chocolate chilli ganache and a chocolate mascarpone cream. The covering and decoration also played on the same theme, with a dark chocolate ganache base, ‘heating up’ with colour and vibrance as you move up the cake with a smothering of gold leaf and an explosion of hot bright coloured flowers.
The result was a sweet deep rich cake with a chilli ‘kick up the arse’ surprise. Let’s wake up people.
Climate takeback front
Climate takeback front top
Climate takeback front detail

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