A cake for Sixten

Make the lemon sharp, oh and make it yellow.

Yep, that was the instructions from Christina, the first customer to return to The CakeMaker. (You can see her other cake right here.)
Her Son Sixten was getting christened and Christina wanted a cake, well a couple actually, to celebrate the big day. Something chocolaty and oh… LEMONY! make the lemon really sharp. So that’s what we did.¬†Layers of chocolate and lemon soaked vanilla bean sponge, sandwiched between some tangy lemon buttercream, and to keep the yellow theme, loads of yellow toppings.
Lucky for Christina the sun was as bright as the cakes that day so it made it that even more special.
A cake for Sixten The Cake Maker both
A cake for Sixten The Cake Maker detail
A cake for Sixten The Cake Maker small

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