A cake for Jacob

Something a little nature like

It’s graduation season in Stockholm right now, which means a load of barely old enough kids, riding around in the back of a truck, pouring beer over every car they see in the streets. Lucky some parent have good taste and Tanya got in touch with me to make her Jacob a graduation cake. The theme was nature and the outdoors. Plus, it had to be gluten free. So we hit Jacob with a 6 layer party cake, 2 layers of coconut and lemon vanilla sponge, 2 layers of chocolate torte and 2 layers of flourless chocolate cake.
Not a bad effort. Drizzled with a caramel sauce, caramelised popcorn, honeycomb, flakes, torched meringue, raspberries and an array of edible plants. Then smothered with different coloured layers of butter icing to give it that weathered look. We love it, and so did they.
Cake for Jacob
Cake for jacob detail
Cake-for-jacob full
Cake for Jacob layers
Cake-for-jacob top detail

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