A cake for the armed forces

Cammo never goes out of fashion

Every customers is as important as the next, but when it come to BIG customers, well this was pretty big. A couple of cakes for the Swedish Armed Forces. They had won a Gold and Silver in a couple of ad campaigns they had produced and thats worth a celebration.
I was given their set of cammo colours and told to theme a couple of cakes around them. I chose to go for a land and sea theme. Using the trusted concrete effect and matching the colours of the buttercreams to the pantone colours I had been given I managed to create a couple of cakes that where that effective that I am surprised you can see them in the pictures below.
Sir yes sir.
cammo cakes water jungle front
cammo cake water front
cammo water texture
cammo cake water front detail
cammo cake forest top front
cammo cake jungle top detail
Cammo cake main image
cammo cake jungle front

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