A cake for Flynn

It's all gone a bit black and white

Flynn is one year old today and for his cake his mum insisted on a black and white theme. I have two kids myself and at that age they have no idea what’s going on anyway, it’s all about what the parents want.
So this little lactose free number was a complete chocolate overload. A super dense chocolatey fudgy sponge cake layered with chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream and topped with all things chocolate. Black and white tempered chocolate shards, painted curley wurleys, black dusted flakes (ok so not completely 100% lactose free but I was given permission) all made an appearance, oh and served alongside some chocolate cupcakes based around the same theme.
A cake for flynn the cakemaker stockholm
A cake for flynn detail the cakemaker stockholm
A cake for flynn front view the cakemaker stockholm

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