A cake and interview for Aros Bostad

Rustic and earthy

Jonas Rutegård of Aros Bostad, a Stockholm based property developers, approached me to not only design and bake them a cake for a new property magazine but also asked if I would appear in it as one of their guest hobbyists. How could I say no, so within a few days I was decorating the cake and having my photo taken at one of Stockholms finest garden centres, Ulriksdal Trädgård. Being a garden centre I wanted to make a cake that would naturally blend into its surroundings.
The cake took on quite an earthy appearance with small hints of colour and fauna. The chocolate base was covered in a Dulce De Leche buttercream coloured different shades and applied as if it were some kind of painting.
Check out their website here and their latest project  k57.se
Cake-for-Aros Bostad-top-view1
Cake-for-Aros Bostad-landscape-working-bw
Cake-for-Aros Bostad-landscape
Cake-for-Aros Bostad-front-view1

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