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Sizes and prices

Before you make that order it’s probably best you know something about the sizes and prices, so here is a little guide to help you on your way.
There are different ways you can cut a cake to get different amounts of pieces, below are the two that I like to follow.
We also do tiered cakes for that extra ‘ooh la la’, below are a couple of  options but I can of course go smaller or larger. Just drop me a mail and we can have a chat.
As a note, the prices below are based on the base cake, most of what you see on this website have been made for those costs or slightly more. they are a little more expensive if you decide on going with the whistles and bells.



If you want the cake delivered then I charge 300 kr for deliveries within central Stockholm.

6 inch / 15 cm

Party size pieces: 16 servings
Wedding size pieces: 20 servings
Price: 950 kr

8 inch / 20 cm

8 inch cake
Party size pieces: 28 servings
Wedding size pieces: 52 servings
Price: 1400 kr

10 inch / 25 cm

10 inch cake
Party size pieces: 42 servings
Wedding size pieces: 84 servings
Price: 1800 kr

Small 2 tier (6 inch + 8 inch)

2 tier small
Party size pieces: 44 servings
Wedding size pieces: 72 servings
Price: 2200 kr

2 tier medium (8 inch + 10 inch)

2 tier medium
Party size pieces: 80 servings
Wedding size pieces: 136 servings
Price: 3200 kr


Unfortunately I do need to charge a slight cost for cakes that have been ordered and and then cancelled. This is due to the fact that some ingredients, accessories such as packaging, cake boards etc are ordered ahead of time.
50% of the cost of the cake (not including delivery) will be charged for any cancellation occurring 3 days or more before the due date.
For any order that occurs less than 72 hours before the due date, the full cost of the cake (not including delivery) will be charged.

Take the plunge

If you have a good idea of what you want then simply fill send me a quick mail with some simple details, number of people, date and we can go from there.

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