Meet your maker

Mr Matt squire

I’m a graphic designer by trade, almost 20 years in the business and doing alright, but sometimes even one of the most creative occupations can become a little static. That’s why I have my baking as a sideline hobby (alongside many others). It allows me to be that little bit whacky and crazy at the times when I need it. All the built up tension and stress that builds up in me during the week is released at the weekend in the form of cakes, and not just normal cakes.
As with design it’s all about the idea behind the cake, cakes need to tell stories, they need to reflect the personality of the people who order them, you should be able to look at a cake and put a name to it. For example, the Princess Torte, I am not a lover of this cake, not because of what it represents, but because of what it does not.
It’s all about making a statement these days, especially if that day’s a special one. You should be able to shout about it, it’s your day, it’s unique and you can do what the hell you like. Every day you make decisions about what to wear, what to drink, what car to drive, what house to live in, where to go on holiday, all because these choices are reflections of who you are and how you live, and that’s what my cakes are about.