Welcome to my website. My names Matt and one of my family members thought it might be polite for me to introduce myself. So here we go.

I am a graphic designer by trade. Have been doing it for quite a few years now but it’s a very serious world so I felt I needed an outlet. This is where cakes come in. 

Actually its where a lot of my hobbies come in. I’m always looking to fill my spare time so here are some pretty pictures to show you what i get up to. 

Yes of course I can bake bread. Can’t we all by now? 
mmm, my favourite
Pro dart player almost
My mum pushed me into playing darts, but I thought my studies were more important
Avid collector of West German pottery
And yes, before you all ask, that is indeed a rare piece by the Sheurich company, well done. 
Won the ‘UK’s most out of place farmer’ at the 2017 Honiton Farm show.
Pro cyclist
Love making these little gems on a Sunday night.
My best mate, his head is on upside down.
I love a good bun and I make loads of them.

Thanks for the mail. You are one step closer to a well tasty cake. I’ll be in touch in the very near future.